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ABOUT US – neon stars foundation

About Us


Neonstars Foundation is a Non-government Section-8 company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai. Neonstars Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation headquartered at Nagpur (MS) India. The company works for the benefit of Persons With Disabilities, especially those on the Autism Spectrum. Neonstars Foundation has its focus on early intervention, education, assessments, work and employment readiness, and  independent living for those on the spectrum.  When it comes to spreading Autism Awareness, or Parental  or Family counseling, Neonstars Foundation  spares no effort.  Our philosophy is imbibed into all our activities and is showcased through our work, the uniqueness of our Logo, our Objective, Vision, Mission ,and Motto.


We impart uniqueness to our enigmatic child in the LOGO.  Our child is no less than the WAMAN AVATARA himself, who stands on the earth, and dares to reach for the stars, while the child itself is no less than a star, both of them flaunting their luminescence which radiates from within …. hence the name NEONSTARS.

  • As an organization we do not view having a child with autism to be a tragic or unfortunate situation for either the parents or the child. It is a difficult, sometimes puzzling situation to live with. But it is like many difficult situations in life, and for families in India, this difficulty is magnified by the poverty of services available and general lack of awareness.


  • To provide a congenial environment for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum so as to facilitate their development, education, help them develop their potential to the fullest, enhance their independence, ensuring THEIR HAPPINESS, while they cope up with social norms


  • To empower parents of individuals on the Autism Spectrum by ensuring their peace of mind, satisfaction, and complacency with respect to their child’s overall well-being and development, especially in their absence


  • Though autism is generally viewed as a woeful condition, and is sympathized with, we at Neonstars lay our focus on its acceptance and inclusion. For us Autism is simply  “Brains Wired Differently”… and not LESS under any condition.  Neonstars recognizes this difference and  pivots all its activities to the overall well being of those on the spectrum.  It is our mission to sensitize, and educate the society about the challenges faced by those on the Autism Spectrum. We need to tell them that it is not their SYMAPTHY that we are looking for, rather it is our effort to empower them with a sense of EMPATHY. It is also our mission to provide an appropriate perspective to the parents about therapy, intervention, and suggest further plan of action for the child’s development, and to de-mystify myths, disbeliefs and misunderstandings regarding issues, disorders and dysfunctions from the minds of families of those on the spectrum , or the members of the society.


  • Make the World Adaptive for Autism!!!

  • If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”


  • Neonstars Foundation is a brainchild of Autism Parents. Ever since the child was diagnosed with autism, both Mother and Father outdid their limits and did the best in whatever manner they could for the betterment of the child. The battle kept on growing fierce on multiple fronts, and challenges kept coming in from all corners, but the duo did not give up. While Mom took the challenge of traveling from place to place, getting herself trained on how to handle the child and the forthcoming challenges, Dad strongly held ground at the other front. 
  • While both parents have the greatest qualification of being parents of a special child, Pooja Bhagade (nee Prajakta Kayande) is an RCI Certified Autism Interventionist, and has been sculpted by stalwarts and the very pioneers  in the field of Autism, “ACTION FOR AUTISM” , NEW DELHI, and she finds in herself a confident therapist capable to undertake any challenging case.     
  • Similarly the exasperating “WHAT AFTER US” question that bothers all Autism Parents, especially those in a nuclear family, kept bothering the duo as the child grew up. It was also realized that the cost of admitting the child to an assisted living set-up with a good repute would be way beyond their reach. A couple of other options were also explored, but they were also found out to be GOLDBRICKS. The duo then decided to bring to birth an organization which would quell the ever-bothering question, and Neonstars was born.   Neonstars endeavours to provide cost-to-cost residential assisted living facilities to those on the spectrum – with or without other co-morbidities.