• Functional Assessments
  • Early intervention Program
  • IFSP
  • PCTP
  • Scheduling
  • Developing Leisure Skills
  • One on one sessions
  • School Readiness Program
  • IEP
  • Teaching Functional Academics
  • BM
  • PATP: Parent Adult Training Program
  • Developing Recreational Skills
  • Parental counselling
  • Counselling of CWDs / PWDs
  • Pre-self Advocacy Training and Planning
  • Training Programs for Parents, and Professionals
  • Pre-vocational training / Vocational services
  • Self Advocacy Training and Planning
  • Employment readiness Programs
  • Awareness Campaigns
More About Blue Buds

More About Blue Buds

Blue-buds starts with Children, toddlers, the newly diagnosed parents. We are there to help you in all your Autism journey from the beginning to the rest of your life. We, as parents and professional can understand that right now you are anxious and worried inside for the future of your kid. Don’t worry.  We are there to help you. We will help you to cope up with all your fears, and will give you all the required support, making you ready mentally, physically, and emotionally through our counselling services.At Blue Buds, we will start with IFSP and will proceed for IEP, ITP, CTP in future. We will provide you PCTP – Parent Child Training Programs to further equip you with techniques which will boost your confidence to the next level.  To empower you in every possible way  is the only motive behind it. We will also provide one on one sessions for your kids for their social and cognitive development. We will help you to make them ready for school with our school readiness programs. This includes social skills, emotional regulations, pre academics, functional academics, concepts teaching and so on… So that they can enjoy their school life with full of innocence and happiness. We will help you to boost up their lives to keep their self-esteem high. Readiness for adolescence starts in childhood only, which includes training in self help skills, grooming, privacy concepts to make their transition from child to teen in adolescence very easy. In this journey we will also help you to make you child find their leisure skills so that it will be easy for you in future to work in their adolescence for their recreational skills and pre vocational training. Yes you heard it right pre-vocational training. Many set-ups don’t even think about vocational training till children’s adulthood but we will. Because there are many required skills for their vocational life which are required to develop in childhood only. Such as their social skills, cognitive skills, which help them become good employees in future. The foundation for this is required to be laid in childhood itself.